Need construction engineer for our office in Tirana

Grad. Civ Engineer diploma

English and Albanian(optional)

Ms Office


Contact: or our office number

25 September 2007 board meeting!

For our board members only: 25 September in 10:00am in our office

Want Job? Apply now!

Need ten(10) workers in all feilds of architecture and construction

Contact: or our office number

Agem bar "OnTheRoof" now opening

On the top of our buiding 120m2 bar for relaxation

Billboards for rent!

Four (4) billboards with dimensions of 4.00m x 2.00m 200$ a month each

Company moves to new location!

Our company moves to new location in our new modern 400m2 ofice

SIZ A.G.E.M Mont-ing "Str. Crvena Skopska Opstina" bb 1000 Skopje Macedonia